Mia Risberg


January Blooms, Colored Pencils on Paper, 8 x 6 inches, 2022, $300
I See That Chill, Colored Pencils on Paper, 12 x 9 inches, 2022, $400
January Blooms #2, Colored Pencils on Paper, 8 x 6 inches, 2022, $300

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Mia Risberg is a Swedish born, Michigan based artist who paints and draws. She attended Pratt Institute and Hunter College in NYC, graduating from the latter with a BA in Fine Arts. Mia has exhibited her work at various U.S. venues and participated in several art collaborations. She has contributed work to two UK based fundraisers and has had her work featured in several arts publications. She has curated contemporary art exhibits for the Rasa Festival, and in 2020 completed an artist residency at the Virginia Center for Creative Arts. In August of 2022, Mia launched 813 Microgallery, a minute space where she shares art with her community and showcases, on a small scale, the work of diverse artists.

The four images submitted are part of an ongoing series of drawings capturing what I perceive as moments of stillness in my life. Some drawings are sparsely populated, while some show people cropped or in the form of a shadow. Others yet are devoid of figures and depict solitary settings or landscapes. The simplification of forms and colors I employ when making these allows me to distill what I see into something that is not only new, but also calmer and more orderly than our chaotic external world.