PeepSpace is pleased to announce our 2022 OPEN CALL! 

Proposal Guidelines:

  • Application Deadline: February 4th, 2022
  • The accepted proposals will be notified by: February 18th, 2022 

PeepSpace offers an open call to artists and/or curators for visual arts exhibition proposals. PeepSpace is 37’ x 9’ located in Tarrytown, NY.

  • Applicants may apply for solo exhibitions or curated duo/group exhibitions.
  • We will be organizing multiple shows from this open call to run March through June of 2022. You are welcome to note how long and when you would like the exhibit to run, and those dates will be taken into consideration.
  • While PeepSpace founders will be available to assist, the selected artists/curators will be responsible for installation and deinstallation (including repairing/repainting walls).

How to Apply:

All proposal submissions should be emailed to with Spring 2022 Open Call in the subject line. *We prefer images/videos/documents to be shared via a Google Drive folder when possible. Proposals should include the following:

  • No longer than a 1 page written element, describing the themes and topics of the proposed exhibition 
  • No more than 10 images of work to be included in the show and/or up to 2 videos representing work to be included in the show (PeepSpace may request more images or videos from finalists) 
  • Resumé and website of the curator/organizer
  • Optional: Resumé and website of artists
  • Application fee payment.  *It is a sliding scale application fee between $10-$50 via PeepSpace PayPal 
  • Email inquiries to

PeepSpace will take a 40% commission of any work sold and the artist will receive 60%.

PeepSpace’s representatives will take the utmost care of any works of art in the project space, including during the exhibition preparation, display and de-installation. However, the Artist(s) agrees to display their work entirely at their own risk, and further agrees and acknowledges that neither PeepSpace nor any of its directors, 92 Central Arts LLC, or the owner of the building at 92 Central Avenue, nor the Village of Tarrytown in which the show is located, its officials, officers, Trustees, agents and employees, shall bear any responsibility or liability whatsoever for any loss or damage to the work.

All displaying artists will be required to sign a standard waiver of liability and release form.

*PeepSpace in Tarrytown, NY is committed to maintaining low fee opportunities for emerging and established artists. However, as an artist-run space, we are in need of application fees to help support our operating costs. As artists and curators you are aware that the standard fees for open calls typically range from $35-$50. We do not want application fees to stand in the way of exhibiting great talent. We have opted for a sliding scale fee of between $10-$50. Please select the amount you can afford and feel is fair. The amount of your fee will not be a consideration in the selection of work to be exhibited.

Please pay your application fee here: PeepSpace PayPal 

Thank you to everyone who applied to and participated in our inaugural and 2nd annual Flat File Programs!

Please see all the Flat File work here and come visit PeepSpace in person to view the 2021/22 Flat File Exhibition.

Beginning with an exhibition opening on Friday, November 19th, 2021 from 7-9 pm and running through January 2nd, 2022, the flat file works of art will be housed though October 2022. Beyond the exhibition, all works will be available for viewing and sale inside PeepSpace’s Flat File during regular business hours.

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Thank you to all the artists and curators who submitted proposals to the 2021 Spring Open Call

We are thrilled to officially announce the selected proposals from the Spring 2021 open call:

Exhibition 1: March 12-26, 2021 – A solo exhibition featuring a collaged drawing installation, by Queens, NY artist Beth Livensperger

Exhibition 2: April 9-23, 2021 – A two-person exhibition of paintings by Debbi Kenote and sculpture by Alyssa McClenaghan, both from New York

Additional selection for 2022: We were also so taken by the work of Philadelphia artist Lauren Pakradooni, combining printmaking and sculptural techniques, that we invited her for a solo exhibition to be exhibited in January 2022.

PeepSpace in Tarrytown, NY is committed to maintaining no fee opportunities for emerging and established artists. However, as an artist-run space, we humbly request your donations. 

As artists and curators you are aware that the standard fees for open calls typically range from $10-$50. PeepSpace needs your support to continue to offer opportunities for artists for whom fees may be a hindrance.

As you consider the open call, and if you have the means, please consider including a donation with your proposal.  A donation of whatever you can afford would make a difference in the success of our new gallery and support of our programming.  No donation is too small. Your donation will not affect the consideration of your proposal.

Please make your donation here: PeepSpace PayPal Donation

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