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The Family Of, curated by Jeff Dietz

January 15th – February 21st, 2021

Family photographs are, for many, one of our first introductions to photography. They are ubiquitous, and at the same time precious. There is a long history in photography of artists documenting their loved ones as an act of art and love.

The definition and visual representation of American families is constantly changing. It has been a patchwork that is hard to categorize and define. The nuclear family has never fully represented the nation, nor should it be the sole beacon of aspiration. Individual family stories can help to unify and breed empathy. The challenge of being bound in name can lead to strong growth and bonding. And for some, family can be lost in blood and found in community. 

Jeff Dietzis a photographer based in Tarrytown, New York. He is a graduate of the Hartford Art School and currently works as a studio manager and in-house photographer and videographer for Mamiya America Corporation. His personal practice focuses primarily on photographic artist books and zines. 

The Family Of includes the work of: Jonathan Bagby, Trent Bozeman, Frances Bukovsky, J. Carrier, Nelson Chan, Jeremiah Dine, Sydney Ellison, Christian Gallo, Taylor Galloway, Juan Giraldo, Joe Johnson, Sydney Krantz, Anthoula Lelekidis, Joe Librandi-Cowan, Karl Frederick Mattson, Elizabeth McGrady, Vann Powell, Zachary P. Stephens, Christopher Stoltz, Erika Nina Suarez, Megan Tepper, Andy Vernon-Jones, Kevin Williamson, Fernando Zelaya

Flat File 2020

November 13 – December 23, 2020

Flat File 2020 is an exhibition featuring over 50 artists’ small, two-dimensional works of art. 

PeepSpace presents: Flat File 2020, an exhibition of works from the inaugural, annual Flat File Program. The project space has curated a selection of small works from emerging and established artists working in two-dimensional mediums. 

The Flat File 2020 exhibition features work by each of the over fifty selected artists and runs from November 13 through December 23, 2020. The works of art will continue to be stored in the project space’s flat file and be available for viewing, in tandem with other scheduled programming, through September 2021.

The timing of this year’s PeepSpace open call allowed artists the opportunity to present recent art work, much of which was created during the time of pandemic and social distancing. Although the internet provides connections for socializing and image sharing, it is evident that artists have a need for tactile communication as well, and a visceral drive to make objects that exist in the physical world.  PeepSpace presents a sampling of this impulse, with a glimpse into what artists are creating during this time of isolation. 

PeepSpace is a project space for emerging and established artists to share their practice and vision with a wider audience. Founded in 2020 by Monica Carrier & Jane Kang Lawrence

For further information please contact PeepSpace at

Images, left to right: Ruth Rodriguez, Meredith Miller, Rachael Gorchov, Elizabeth Sutherland, Lynnette Therese Sauer, Anne-Marie McIntyre, Suzanne Broughel

Link to 2020/21 Flat File Artists


Three-person show: Inna Babaeva, Caroline Holder & Raisa Raekallio

September 18th – November 1st, 2020

Opening Reception: Friday, September 18, 6-10 pm

Inna Babaeva
Caroline Holder
Raisa Raikallio


June 13, 2020-July 24, 2020

Link to exhibition catalog:

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