Georgia Elrod

Roadside Demo, ink on paper, 4 x 6 inches, 2022, $400

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Stemming from observation and memory, the imagery in my work is initially cultivated
through many gouache and mixed media works on paper. The forms are cumulative and
often unpredictable, their meanings are open-ended. I make many works on paper and
some of these become larger paintings; I am translating subconscious imagery and the
work unfolds as I go. They are embedded with autobiographical meaning.
Positing physical identity as a kind of living abstraction, the imagery can be both known and unidentifiable. I have been exploring what it means to inhabit a body and visually
interpreting physicality through marks, colors, layers and edges. I’m interested in
suggestive imagery and the simultaneity of forms. My recent paintings pivot toward
increasingly narrative and intimate content. The works present fleeting moments that reflect a sense of mystery and eroticism. I’m interested in painting the boundaries between
these bodies and their settings while extrapolating upon their internal systems and their
external narratives.

Georgia Elrod’s work has been exhibited in New York and abroad, in solo exhibitions at
Peninsula Art Space and John Davis Gallery, as well as in group exhibitions at spaces
including Momenta Art, The Painting Center, and RH+ Gallery in Istanbul. Her work has
been featured in ArtMaze Magazine, Big Bell Magazine, and New American Paintings.
Georgia is currently a co-director of the artist-run gallery Underdonk, and co-curated at
Heliopolis Gallery from 2012-2015. Georgia co-founded That Time of the Month, a monthly
studio visit group for women and non-binary artists. She received her MFA in Painting from
Hunter College.