Adina Andrus

Cucurbitas II, ink and 24k gold leaf on plastic grocery bags, 9×8 inches, 2021, $375
Moretum, ink and 24k gold leaf on plastic grocery bags, 9.5×8 inches, 2021, $375
Pisces, ink and 24k gold leaf on plastic grocery bags, 21×16 inches, 2021, $500

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Adina Andrus works across various media, creating mixed media pieces, sculptures,
drawings and installations that confront questions of memory, belonging, and visual
culture across time and space. Her works, while rooted in the ancient and folk art of
her native country, Romania, allude to a universal pool of images and symbols that
we inherit, consume and are guided by, while simultaneously interpreting them and
contributing new, contemporary meanings. Andrus has exhibited work in New York
City and in numerous galleries across the United States, including the St. Louis
Artists Guild, Woodstock Byrdcliffe Guild and Ely Contemporary Art Center, as well as
in Bucharest, Romania. She studied art at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in
Boston, MA and the Art Students’ League in New York City. She is a recipient of the
Queens Council for the Arts New Work Grant and the NY State Arts Alive Artist Grant.

Artist Statement

My work is symbolic of everyday habits and momentous rituals that signify our
sense of belonging and cultural identity. Drawing from ancient imagery and folk art
from Romania, my native country, I find commonalities across history and place,
eliciting a recognition of various signs and symbols, while also opening them up to
modern interpretation. Merging traditional materials with contemporary ones and
collected man-made objects, I create pieces rooted in personal everyday experiences
and explore the dualities of here/there, old/new, durable/disposable.
My process is rooted in traditional craft. Through the materiality and tactility of my
media, I invite the viewer to observe the details of the works as a way of discovering
personal and universal meaning. Drawings and 3D objects are in a constant dialogue
between intuitive and planned and allow me to preserve my connection to ancestral
practices while expanding the dialogue of traditional and contemporary art.